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bonding agent

bonding agent

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LuxaBond-Total Etch


Dual-curing adhesive system

Self-curing: Hardens even without light

No premature polymerization of bonding »pools«

Compatible with self-curing and dual-curing materials:

Suitable for all applications with LuxaCore

Pre-Bond facilitates quicker curing of the bond mix in the dentine for superior retention

Easy root canal application with special Endobrushes

Does not contain acetone

1 Bottle @ 5 ml Pre-Bond  

1 Bottle @ 5 ml Bond A  

1 Bottle @ 5 ml Bond B



Innovative single dose application form SilvR dose
Easy, one-hand »push button« application
Hygienic handling
Secure application with constant quality
Convenient distribution within the dental practice
Superior bonding properties (38 MPa)
Exhibits antibacterial activities

1 Bottle @ 5 ml Bond