Implant Line Georgia

Implant Line Georgia specializes in import and sales of high-quality dental products, with accompanying support and training of specialists, since May 2012.
With more than 7 year experience in Georgian market, our company demonstrates one of the highest levels of stability with a confident dynamics of development.


  • Consultation and diagnostics
  • Training sessions, webinars and trips with selection of important and relevant topics
  • Planning of the treatment process with the involvement of local and foreign specialists
  • Special classes with KOL Representative
  • Hands on classes
  • Sufficient literature and video materials.
  • Annual Balance sheet
  • Audit

Also we suggest Local and international Educational programs for doctors.

We have online-shop and well-established courier delivery schedule.


Commercial department:
A large-scale study and analysis of the market of dental products are carried out in Georgia and abroad, with help of various local and foreign specialists from numerous reliable sources.

Financial department:

  • Competent and “transparent” documentation system, using modern technologies;
  • Sending monthly reporting forms to our customers;
  • Daily transmission of information about financial transactions via SMS sending.
  • Private sales representative

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